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Deep Dirt! It is the creation of a childhood dream Chris(first picture) and Nick DeJordy(2nd picture) had since ripping around the track on 65’s calling themselves KIDD (Kids In Deep Dirt).

Nick DeJordy


Unfortunately, Nick isn’t with us anymore.  And in part our saying is bred from this.  We all return to dirt, most in death.....the lucky, in life.  In his honor, we founded Deep Dirt. Nick impacted Chris’s life more than he knew.  They made so many memories in the dirt as kids that the love of the dirty lifestyle was ingrained to both of them.  Not only a love for the dirt, but a love of laughter and with that lightheartedness came friends.  Some of them better riders some that never rode at all.  That’s where Brian comes into Deep Dirt.  A road racer gone rogue after a few drinks and picking on each other about who is better on two wheels, he gave off road a shot.  One ride and he was hooked.  Now we strive to spend as many days getting dirty and making people laugh as possible.  So, after years of working long days and even longer nights, and a few too many beers, we’re finally fulfilling the dream. This is a company built by the weekend warriors for the weekend warriors.


We’re a little different than your standard off road apparel company. We are just like you. We wake up every day, usually before the suns up, and chase our dreams of ripping around in the dirt for a living. Whether it’s hitting the MX track, woods trails, or just being goons in a side by side. . . We live for this! This is not some corporate machine this really is a family! 

Our Goals:

  • Raise money for the charity of other riders! A portion of all our gear sales will be donated to Different off road programs Via DeepDirt in Honor of James "Nick" DeJordy's memory.  These memorial funds will go to help paralyzed off road riders.  
  • In partnership with above foundations we help those in need from riding injuries get back on their feet and back to the dirt.
  • Have fun supporting others in the off road world.
  • Create a different kind of apparel to rider relationship
  • Have a product that is different than every other rider wearing the big names and looking the same as the person next to them. We have limited runs of each style. 
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